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Deleting your account

Need to delete your Poola account? We've made the process straightforward and hassle-free. Follow our simple steps to securely and permanently remove your account, ensuring your data is handled with utmost respect and privacy

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Go to sidebar

Navigate to the sidebar in your Poola account to find account settings, typically located in the top-right corner of the interface.


Click deactivate your account

Select the 'Deactivate Your Account' option to initiate the process, which you'll find under your account settings.

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Log in & Security.png


Read through all disclosures

Carefully review all the provided disclosures to understand the implications of account deletion, ensuring you are fully informed about the process.


Slide to delete

Finally, confirm your decision by sliding the 'Delete' toggle, permanently deleting your account, and keep in mind this action cannot be undone.

Log in & Security.png
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