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What can we do for you?

Our platform serves two sets of users: Pool Starters and Poolers. While Poolers are looking for unique pools to contribute to, Pool Starters aim to monetise their pools for a large audience. Through our clean design, use of multimedia, in-app messaging, global maps, website widgets, contribution capabilities, frictionless payments, choice of crowdsourcing, and user personalisation, both groups can interact both hyper-locally and globally, with full transparency. Our UX is designed so that users can seamlessly and speedily contribute to social good causes, subscribe to creators and invest in start-up pools.


Mapping The worlds crowd-sourcing.


Building alternative contribution abilities.


A single dashboard for all of crowd-sourcing.


Message your Ideas and Contributions.


Bookmark and play a continued role.

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Mapping the worlds crowd sourcing

Poola's interactive maps take your crowd-sourcing journey to the next level. Choose a destination, and our interactive pool cards provide a comprehensive overview at a glance. You'll see essential details like media galleries, types of contributions accepted, pool statistics, and associated pools. 

A Window to Global and Local Pools


Our clean and straightforward interface isn't just about functionality; it's about discovery. As you explore the world of pools on Poola, you get an unprecedented view into campaigns both near and far. From the most remote initiatives to the most vibrant local projects, our maps system brings the world of crowdsourcing to your fingertips.

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Our clean and simple interface to explore the world of pools around you gives an unprecedented look into the most remote and the most vibrant campaigns of Poola.


Alternative Contribution Abilities

At Poola, every skill, every minute, and every resource shared contributes to a global movement of collective effort and impact.

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Beyond money

We're not just bridging the gap between crowd-funding and crowd-sourcing; we're creating a new path. Our approach to 'alternative contribution abilities' reimagines how people can be part of a pool. It's not just about financial contributions; we value and enable meaningful participation through sharing skills, resources, and time

Beyond one

We're more than just a single-service offering; we're a hub of diverse opportunities and collaborations. Our commitment to providing powerful interactions isn't just a part of our business model; it's a catalyst that inspires and motivates people worldwide. Every step we take is geared towards empowering individuals to start, join, and contribute to pools in ways that resonate with them and are within their means

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Keep up!

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In the existing landscape of crowdfunding, one of the biggest challenges faced by users is remaining actively involved and connected throughout the journey of a project (Pool).

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With 'Saved Pools' at your fingertips, contributors can effortlessly organise and track their pools, while pool starters gain a valuable tool to continuously engage with updates. Whether it's sharing the latest developments, sending messages, presenting new ideas, or providing real-time metrics, this feature ensures that everyone involved stays motivated and informed.

It's a journey 

More than just a convenience, 'Saved Pools' empowers users to play a significant and ongoing role in their communities. Enabling constant connection greatly contributes to the consistency and growth of each pool. Experience a truly user-driven journey with Poola, where staying connected means driving real impact.

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Stay informed, stay in control

Welcome to your dashboard, the command centre for monitoring your pool's performance. This comprehensive tool is designed for efficiency and insight, offering immediate access to the latest pool data. For our pool starters, this means the ability to gather timely, relevant, and actionable feedback directly from your contributors, which is particularly beneficial for creators and start-up pools.

Explore and visualise critical metrics with ease. From the latest detailed pool data, to global reach.

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Our dashboard is continually updated, ensuring you have the most current information no matter where you are. 


With this powerful tool, you're not just observing; you're in command and making informed decisions.



J. hi! I'd love to contribute my IT skills!

F. Awesome! We're gonna do great things!

Effective communication

For a pool to be truly effective, it's crucial that its members are aligned on multiple levels. This alignment ranges from understanding the shared mission to agreeing on interpersonal dynamics, as well as having clear and practical plans regarding roles, responsibilities, and timelines. Effective communication is the key to achieving this harmony and ensuring that every member is on the same page.​

It's easy

Contributing your time, talent, and thoughts should be a seamless experience. Our platform supports a variety of media - be it text, photos, videos, documents, or even location sharing, along with voice and video calls. This versatility ensures that every type of contribution, whether it's a simple message or a detailed document, is facilitated with ease.


On the same page

Our messaging system is uniquely tailored to the needs of crowdsourcing. It's not just about keeping everyone informed; it's about enabling a dynamic and interactive environment where alternative contributions, such as volunteering time and resources, are as valued as financial support. This system allows pool members to coordinate efforts, share insights, and work collaboratively towards their goals in real time.

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