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Introducing Uniform Fees

Unifying crowd-sourcing means unifying fees. We are trying hard to democratise the whole crowd-sourcing industry with a one-pricing solution for the good of our hardworking creatives, project starters and social change warriors... but why?


Fairness and transparency

At Poola, we believe in treating all users equally. That's why we've eliminated category-based fee variations. Whether you are starting a social good, creator, or start-up Pool you'll experience fairness and equity in our pricing.



Poola offers you the flexibility to start multiple Pools so say goodbye to decision paralysis. Our uniform fees remove the need to ponder over different pricing models on different platforms. You can launch your Pool with confidence and speed. 

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Predictable Costs

Take control of your budget. Our uniform fees ensure that you can accurately project your expenses, making it easier to manage your project's financial aspects and for Contributors to understand the cost associated with their actions


Encouraging diversity of Pools

Dive into new horizons. The uniform pricing structure encourages exploration and the creation of diverse Pools and an interesting platform for all. Whether you're passionate about charity, creativity, or entrepreneurship, Poola welcomes your ideas.

Only made possible with the power of 


Discover the benefits of a unified fee structure at Poola. We're not just transforming crowdsourcing; we're shaping the future of collaboration. Join our vibrant community of creators, contributors, and changemakers. Together, we're building a world where innovation, creativity, and social impact thrive.

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Notice something?


Social Good

2.9% + 0.3 sek

per transaction

Donation-based crowdfunding is a way to source money for a social cause by asking a large number of contributors to individually donate a small amount to it. Funding is dedicated to social good causes that need finance and where the Pool is not usually able to offer backers anything in return beyond the good feeling of having supported their Pool.



2.9% + 0.3 sek

per transaction

Rewards-based crowdfunding. This type of funding is commonly used for creative projects. Creators set up multiple subscription tiers with various rewards, such as podcast episodes, music tracks, tickets to events, free gifts, exclusive video content and computer files. The benefit to this practice is that it  creates artistic independence and the rewards creators give back usually don’t cost much to deliver.


Start Up

2.9% + 0.3 sek

per transaction

Rewards / Equity-Based Crowdfunding. A product, project or entire start-up is financed by a crowd of investors who wish to support the underlying idea. If the funding goal is achieved, the idea will be realised and investors receive special benefits, access to early prototypes, discounts on final products, merchandise, equity and end credit for bringing a project to life.

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