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Without The Friction

Contribute and start pools safely with leading Identity Verification, AML, and KYC solutions. Poola verifies identities in seconds through ID documents, selfies, and trusted data sources. We aim to be the crowdsourcing platform that offers the most complete, flexible, and top-rated solutions to help build trust in crowdsourcing. 


Would you like some peace of mind?


PSD2 Payment Protection

We've integrated PSD2 payment protection through PayPal, a leader in online payment systems. This advanced security measure aligns with the latest Payment Services Directive (PSD2).


Anti-Money Launder Monitoring

Our AML platform will satisfy regulators, prevent FinCrime, and counter-terrorist financing (CTF). We can swiftly adapt to changing regulations and compliance rules in the markets we serve.



We corroborate our poolers details against a vast network of partners, including credit reference agencies, government bureaus, utility authorities, commercial and proprietary databases.


Vulnerable Age Verification

With just a selfie, a biometric multi-vector liveness ensures the customer is truly present and enables us to quickly and reliably establish the right Level of Assurance (LoA).


Global Sanctions and PEP Screening

Advanced PEP & Sanctions screening solutions prevent bad actors, such as sanctioned entities and terrorists, from evading our AML controls and apply the right level of customer due diligence.


ID verification

With support for over 10,000 types of documents Poola can run multiple types of checks on ID documents to check whether they have been compromised, forged,  expired, or blacklisted.


Smart Address Verification

Regardless of a pools location, our location solutions, with a global coverage spanning over 240 countries and territories, quickly ensures verification processes operate smoothly.



Using a graph network to screen individuals against global watchlist sources from 220 countries and territories ensures we remain ahead of bad actors while exceeding regulatory standards.

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