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Introducing true

Our mission at Poola transcends the traditional boundaries of crowd-sourcing. We're not just about bringing people together; we're about erasing the lines that limit who can participate and from where.

Imagine a world where anyone, anywhere, can contribute, collaborate, and create impact. That's what we're building – a platform where innovative contribution methods, multi lingual support, and all sectors of crowd-sourcing connect. This fusion isn't just for show; it's a catalyst for powerful results and expansive opportunities. At Poola, we're redefining crowd-sourcing, making it a truly inclusive and impactful tool for everyone, everywhere.

Who can
come aboard?

Our platform serves two sets of users: Pool Starters and Poolers. While Poolers are looking for unique pools to contribute to, Pool Starters aim to crowd-source the globe.

Through our clean design, use of multimedia, in-app messaging, global maps, website widgets, contribution capabilities, frictionless payments, choice of crowdsourcing, and user personalisation, both groups can interact both hyper-locally and globally, with full transparency. Our UX is designed so that users can seamlessly and speedily contribute to social good causes, subscribe to creators and invest in start-up pools.

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It's time, let's combine

2. Creator

3. Start-Up

1. Social Good


Buy Me a Coffee









Go Fund Me




Mix things up

Poola is all about mixing things up. We believe in the magic of combining different crowdfunding categories – it's really at the heart of what we do. 

This approach lets us play around with what we offer and how we offer it, making sure we always bring something new and exciting to the platform. It's this blend of ideas and innovations that drives our passion and helps Poola stand out in the crowd!

Extending the idea of a transaction

Poola bridges the gap between crowd funding and crowd-sourcing. Our ‘alternative contribution abilities’ means a person can contribute to a pool, meaningfully, with their skills, resources, and time. With people-powered interactions, we separate ourselves from the major legacy providers by making Poola a multi faceted experience rather than just a one service offering. Each step we take as a company towards building powerful interactions motivates others to start and contribute to pools around the globe.

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Built by Creatives, Entrepreneurs, and Volunteers (coincidence?)

It's not just a coincidence that our team embodies the very core of Poola. It's a deliberate choice to bring together individuals with diverse backgrounds, skills, and passions to create a platform that caters to the unique needs of creators, entrepreneurs, and those dedicated to making the world a better place!


Key Takeaways

We address a noisy and fragmented market with a super app approach that will be available everywhere all from a single codebase by integrating trusted APIs that smooth our startup process and provide incredible abilities to our users!

All In One


Our alternative contribution abilities provide meaningful interactions, connecting crowdsourcing users further than ever before. By building different ways users can interact with each other from around the world we can create tangible change.

Beyond Money


Through our clean design, use of multimedia, in-app messaging, global maps, website widgets, contribution capabilities, frictionless payments, and user personalisation, our users can interact both hyper-locally and globally.

A Tool Kit


Get ready for the next generation of crowdsourcing!

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